NKS Olaviken is a facility that uses an innovative method of treating patients – MARTE MEO. It is a advisory method based on developmental psychology and the study of communication components (developmental dialogues), which are part of the natural parent-child interaction, using video materials as tools (Øvreeide 1996). Development Dialogues are divided into several basic principles of communication. These basic communication elements are composed of communication  activities on the side of a parent or guardian. Children need at specific moments of interaction determines whether these elements are used individually or together. When a child or infant is in the development stage, the dialogue is both supporting and developing. However, in the stage of dementia, the main objective is to maintain awareness by supporting copying behaviour and strengthening the experience of identity, by supporting actions in everyday situations. A person with dementia experiences increasing problems both in expressing oneself and understanding what is happening. Hence, interpreting and understanding the needs of patients by guardians are a challenge.

Since the 80s, the method was popularized around the world, which resulted in a number of programs and centres. In 1989, the method has been launched in Norway by the Department of Psychology of the University of Bergen. In Scandinavia, it is now used in many areas, such as public health centres, centres for minors, kindergartens, family therapies, mental health care, and  also in the care of people with dementia for 12 years.