The planned project relates to the Caring-Healing Centre (ZOL), being one of the largest branch of SP ZZOZ “Sanatorium”. Medical and non-medical assistance is provided to patients with impaired ability to walk unaided when they do not qualify for hospitalisation, and require follow-up medical and dietary  treatment and they have contraindications to stay at home alone. The support is provided to a group of patients whose impaired ability to independently change the position or orientation is combined with old age, reduced activity, deterioration of consciousness or paralysis or paresis.

The project will be implemented in partnership with the Hospital of Psychiatry of Old Age – NKS Olaviken alderspsykiatriske sykehus at Erdal in Norway. The cooperation will include study visits and  staff  training of SP ZZOZ “Sanatorium” in Górno on the application of the MARTE MEO method.