The project is designed comprehensively. In addition to investment activities, closely linked to the expansion and redevelopment of the pavilions, we also assume to support non-investment activities, aimed at the education of the local community, integration activities and staff training as well as workshops for SP ZZOZ “Sanatorium”.


As part of the investment activities, the following steps are taken into account:

  • The construction works associated with the redevelopment of the pavilion No. 10

The task includes construction work in the existing pavilion No. 10 which is related to its redevelopment. Over 70-year-old building requires comprehensive reconstruction. In order to create the appropriate conditions for the operation of the Caring-Healing  Centre. Rebuilt  pavilion 10 will be adapted to the needs of patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease – the elderly and dependent.

  • The construction works associated with the development of the pavilion No. 10

The project provides for the expansion of the existing pavilion No. 10 with a new wing, 2-storey  : cabinets and rooms for patients will be located on ground floor , and the attic will be partially developed for the needs of the changing room, social room, ventilation and server facility. The new wing, along with the existing part, will create a ZOL part provided for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia syndromes.

The redesigned and expanded Pavilion 10 will have 36 rooms for one and two persons, each with bathroom, for up to 70 patients, medical and rehabilitation services, technical rooms, sanitary units and others. The building was designed in a way that facilitates access to the premises (on the first floor only changing room for employees, social room and a technical room, eliminating the need to relocate patients on different floors of the building) and adapted to the needs of the target group.

  • Reconstruction and execution of internal sanitary installation in redeveloped and expanded part of the pavilion No. 10

The project provides for the reconstruction of existing ones and construction of new sanitary facilities in the pavilion No. 10 (the existing part and the new wing), including: central heating, ctw, water supply, gas, mechanical ventilation and supplying heat in the building.

  • Reconstruction and execution of internal electrical installation in redeveloped and expanded part of the pavilion No. 10

The project provides for the reconstruction and performance of electrical installations in the pavilion No. 10, including: the execution of electrical, telecommunication (LAN), call signal system, TV installation, installation of fire alarm systems, staircase anti-smoke system, emergency lighting, CCTV, lightning protection,  LV cable power (reconstruction of low voltage overhead line).

  • Development of the area around the pavilion No. 10

As part of the “Land Development” task, it is expected to prepare the parking square, pavements and greenery around the pavilion No. 10.

  • Changing the water supply installation, sanitary and construction of storm sewer in conjunction with the expansion of the pavilion No. 10

In connection with the expansion of the pavilion No. 10, it will be necessary to relocate the existing  water supply network, sanitary sewer colliding with the above mentioned object. The works related to construction of storm water drainage system for pavilion No. 10 are also expected.

  • Purchase of equipment and fittings for ZOL


In order to ensure high quality of services offered and patient safety within the ZOL, it is expected to purchase equipment and fittings for the preparation of expanded pavilion No. 10 for the adoption and maintenance of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia syndromes. It is expected to purchase: equipment and medical supplies, fittings and rehabilitation equipment, including modern equipment for dry bathing CO₂, a set of EEG Biofeedback therapy and equipment for the “Experience the World” Hall.



  • Information and promotional activities:
  1. Arranging Forum on the initiation and completion of the project, in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association, the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion and the University of Rzeszow.
  2. Arranging seminars on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day with the participation of national experts.
  3. Arranging the 3-day scientific seminar with the participation of international experts (including those from Norway) who are dealing with dementia.
  4. Arranging family picnics for patients of  Caring – Healing Centre, their families, staff, therapeutic workshop participants.
  5. Preparation and publication of scientific publications and seminars.
  • Motional, therapeutic and educational activities:

The project involves the implementation of tasks for the indirect target groups, including the elderly, dependent, both patients of ZOL in Górno and other people from Podkarpackie region, as well as those caring for the elderly, dependent and young people.

  • Arranging therapeutic and artistic workshops for patients and their families, as well as for patients and young people – workshops will be designed to adequately strengthen family ties through participation in joint activities and bringing the issue of the elderly care for the young and encourage them to volunteer. It is expected to organise a total of 6 workshops (3 of each kind), and in the case of a large interest in this type of meeting, it is planned to organise similar workshops also after the completion of the project.
  • Physical activities activating the elderly (a total of 140 people, 20 hours of classes per group) and physical activities (swimming pool) improving the dependents (a total of 50 people, 20 hours of classes per group). Classes are conducted in small groups (7 and 5 people) in order to achieve the best results. They will be conducted by qualified therapists, physical therapists and instructors. Classes will be conducted for the benefit of ZOL patients and other persons eligible for the above mentioned groups (i.e. the elderly, people over 60 years old and dependents reported by guardians).
  • Public education – activities will be directed to (1) youth (lectures in schools and colleges, dedicated brochure on the issue of old age), (2) those caring for elderly and dependent (training, guide for guardians, “Sundays with Alzheimer”, telecare). Education conducted is aimed at increasing awareness of specific social groups (young people – high school pupils, students, the elderly, people of any age who come into contact with the problem of caring for the elderly or dependent, and those who will come into contact with it directly in the future).

All guides and brochures are available free and online.

  • Training activities for ZOZ medical staff

Scheduled training for medical staff will improve their skills and use of acquired knowledge and practices in their daily work for the elderly and dependent. Selection of training subjects was made on the basis of consultations with medical staff in SP ZZOZ Górno and will include ZOL employees as well as employees of other Branches, who also have to deal with the elderly and / or dependent in their daily work.

The implementation of training for nurses, physiotherapists, activity therapists, doctors and others is also planned. The project also provides for training in terms of specialised equipment purchased  that has not been used so far in the activity of ZOL in Górno (devices for light therapy) or is an innovation on a regional scale (a device for dry bathing in CO₂).

  • Polish-Norwegian exchange of experience in the field of long-term care and treatment of the elderly and dependent

The project provides for study visits of ZOL employees in Norway in long-term care centres, as well as a return visit of representatives of the Norwegian health care centres in Poland in order to present the effects of the project. The planned exchange of experiences will allow the establishment in Górno to gain the knowledge and to use best practices from Norway in the field of care and treatment of the elderly and dependent.